Experience the Simple Magic of Elopement: Our Elopement Photoshoots

Celebrate your love story in a simple, intimate, and unforgettable way with our elopement photoshoots. We offer a two-hour session set against the backdrop of nature, capturing the golden moments at sunset on your wedding day. Let us create timeless and simple memories of your special day in the most romantic and picturesque settings.

Our Concept

For the elopement shoot, our concept is simple yet deeply meaningful. We believe that your special day should be an intimate celebration of your love without a photographer constantly taking pictures. Imagine a day where you and your partner have the chance to truly enjoy each other's company, exchange your vows, savor a delightful lunch, and then, in the evening, embark on a two-hour photoshoot adventure.

This photoshoot captures the essence of your love story as you explore the beautiful, natural surroundings together. Whether it's a serene hike, an activity that reflects your shared hobby or passion, or simply a picturesque spot in nature, our goal is to immortalize this day in stunning images.

After the photoshoot, you can continue to relish in the magic of the moment, alone together, as we believe it's essential for you to fully embrace and cherish the love that brought you together on this remarkable day.


Starting from CHF 1'200.-
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