Embark on an Epic Adventure: Our Adventure Photoshoots

It's all about your connection to nature, from hiking, exploring breathtaking views, to pursuing your outdoor passions. Let us create timeless memories of your adventure in an inspiring setting.

Our Concept

In a zoom meeting we will find out what the perfect location for you adventure photoshoot will be. Whether it's your favourite hike, lake or panorama or your favourite outdoor activity that you would love to have beautiful pictures form a professionel photographer. The session will take 2-3 hours and we will experience breathtaking views and calm and beautiful moments in nature. Whether you're embarking on a small hike, standing at a secluded lake in the Swiss Alps or indulging in your favorite outdoor activities, we aim to capture the essence of your life in the outdoors in photographs.

Uniquely decided for this package, we include one roll of 35mm film (24 images) that we will also shoot on top of all the digital images.

This package is for: Solo Adventurers, Couples, Nature Enthusiasts, Creatives, Outdoor Creators/Influencers, etc.

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