Portrait Photoshoot

We love capturing other people through photography, preserving their character and personality in photos. Our creative portrait photoshoots are designed to be enjoyable and provide a variety of different photos that together tell a person's story and capture emotions.

These portrait photoshoots are made just for you. Yes, you, specifically. Every individual deserves to have truly beautiful and fantastic photos of themselves. With us, you can feel completely comfortable and relaxed. We will guide you through the photoshoot, and you will see that it's a truly wonderful experience.

The portrait photoshoots typically take place during the Golden Hour, which is the last hour before sunset. Both packages include a brief conceptual session via Zoom where we discuss outfits, ideas, location, and more. Whether it's the 30-minute or 60-minute session, numerous photos will be taken. With the 60-minute session, we have more time to experiment with different angles, poses, and ideas. Depending on your needs, we can even consider a minor location change, especially if the second location is only 5-10 minutes away. A great example would be a forest area with a nearby lake, offering even more diversity and two fantastic settings. In such cases, you could even bring a second outfit. The photos in both packages are carefully selected and enhanced with our professional lighting and color editing to bring them to life.


Sergio Henzi

We had the pleasure of conducting a fantastic and creative portrait photoshoot for Sergio. In addition to capturing traditional portraits, it's our specialty to create imaginative and narrative-driven photos that evoke emotions. As part of the photoshoot, we also captured his passion for savoring a glass of wine.